Queens Comprehensive Perinatal Council Banner
Since 1988, the Queens Comprehensive Perinatal Council, Inc. (QCPC), a not-for-profit community-based maternal/child health organization has promoted improvements in perinatal health in high need communities in Queens through several programs and projects.

    QCPC has coordinated regional efforts and has worked collaboratively with national, state, city and local organizations to reduce the incidence of infant and maternal mortality and morbidity, developmental disabilities and adolescent pregnancy.

    QCPC provides services to underserved families residing in Jamaica (11434), South Jamaica (11433), South Ozone Park (11436), St. Albans (11412), Arverne (11692), and Rockaway Beach (11693); communities which are characterized by high rates of teen pregnancy; high percentages of women who receive late or no prenatal care; risky behaviors during pregnancy (i.e., smoking, substance abuse, domestic violence); high rates of low birthweight and infant mortality; undocumented immigrant population groups (i.e., Haitian Americans, Hispanics from Central and South America); and poor social and physical environments.

    QCPC accomplishes its mission by four major strategies.  It creates venues in which maternal/child and adolescent health and social support services providers can share resources; offer and receive technical assistance; develop referral systems; learn about new community resources; identify gaps in existing services; and keep abreast of new knowledge related to maternal/child health.  The organization provides culturally sensitive/culturally relevant services to women, infants, children and adolescents residing in its catchment areas via community outreach, community education, and case management/home visiting interventions.  QCPC increases health and social support services providers’ understanding of cultural norms, values, issues, practices and language barriers that impact on health behavior through its Mini-Sensitivity Training Workshops.  Lastly, QCPC staff serve as advocates for increasing the availability, accessibility, acceptability and affordability of health and social support services for the organization’s target populations.

    QCPC provides core competency leadership in the implementation of its services interventions.  To reduce racial disparities in birth outcomes, QCPC recognizes that its core services must include advocacy approaches that transform the social conditions of high-risk women, infants, children and adolescents.